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Maitland Nsw

I was reading a few threads done a few years ago on 450 SEL 6.9 transmission valve bodies, and the question back then was does a standard 450 sel valve body work on a 6.9?
As last reported, I have transmission issues & my mechanic and I are going through the process of elimination.
If anyone in the TK forum knows the answer, I’d appreciate an up date



The Godfather
Hi Starman, whilst my responsive is probably no longer of any real value to you at this point of time, nevertheless it deserves an answer. There are four members of the 722.000 transmission family applicable to the 116 range. 90% of items are interchangeable, whilst the other 10% including the valve bodies, have only slight variations. There is a good chance that the 450 valve body can be interchanged, it is only the proper workshop manual that will illustrate the differences.
From my own observations over the years, valve bodies will give no troubles. Some mechanics (very well qualified) will not touch a valve body when rebuilding the transmission, but will merely soak them in petrol and pressure blow them with compressed air. Main problems with gearboxes relate to clutch lip seals, and friction plates. If you see this post, you may be able to fill us in with how you got on. Regards Styria

sean sherry

Yes Styria, only need to open a Valve Body if there is metal Filings from a Hard Part failure.
Then a major clean and polish of the Bores and Valves necessary, plus a check for warpage.
Later Electronic Controlled Transmissions can have a lot of Valve Body issues as the valves are on "Duty Cycle" and wear out the Bores... Boring Sleeve Kits are available from the USA to repair them.

sean sherry

Also........ I cut open all Torque Converters if the Transmission had metal filings.
All others I cleaned out with a Homemade Flusher. First drained by drilling an 1/8 th hole in the bottom and then welding up. Flushing the Heat Exchanger in the bottom of the Radiator was a waste of time. To many pockets for a filing to hide, would find its way to the Govenor Valve being flushed through by new Oil. A separate aftermarket Cooler solved this problem.
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