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Hallo Oesterreicher, wo kommst Du her und moechtest Du etwas auf unserer Webseite schreiben . Ja bitte mein Herr -- Spotted this Austrian afficinado and hopefully he will communicate with us. In all of the ten weeks I spent in Austria in 2005 and 2008 respectively, I spotted one W116 in Vienna, in Milan Brown. Regards Styria
I was reading a few threads done a few years ago on 450 SEL 6.9 transmission valve bodies, and the question back then was does a standard 450 sel valve body work on a 6.9?
As last reported, I have transmission issues & my mechanic and I are going through the process of elimination.
If anyone in the TK forum knows the answer, I’d appreciate an up date

Good morning all, has any one had any experience with replacing/locating the cruise control amplifier in a 420SEL? Before taking the interior panels off, is it located above the drivers brake pedal as mentioned in numerous videos (mostly American), or passenger side being right hand drive? My cruise suddenly stopped working, fuses seem ok/correct. Seems the amplifier is the possible problem? Thanks.
Missed you my friend. Good to see you on TK. It probably has been a number of years. Regards Styria
Hi there yes I'm still buggering around with my 6.9 haha. I mostly hang at 116.org but I dip in here at TK from time to time. Cheers!
Restoring a 1970 P5B coupe for my wife to use as a tow vehicle for her vintage caravan.


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Looks good!