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  • Hi Patrick, I haven't mentioned your name in regards to tomorrow's event at St. Ives Showground. I want you to know that it was merely an oversight as I would really love to meet you at some time. Perhaps tomorrow could be the day ? I hope you can make it, but I do appreciate the distance involved for you.
    Hi mate,
    I must apologise as I didn’t see this message.
    This was off the bottom of my page.
    That’s ok.
    I didn’t think of it that way at all.
    So no dramas what so ever.
    I was hoping to come when it was mentioned earlier, however I have been frantically restoring furniture all week.
    There will be another one we can attend for sure.

    I’m glad you guys had a great morning.
    This is the sort of thing I have been doing to 25 year old furniture to brighten the house up to match new brighter colours & new plantation shutters.
    This is a massive coffee table which is part of a few pieces I had made 25 years ago. It weighs 60kg, and is put together only with brass screws.


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