Electric High Speed Tesla

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Claremont Meadows
Sean, that was very interesting indeed.
A couple of things of note.

Considering the cooling system is ultra important here, I’m not a fan of the spring clips and plastic fittings.
Very intricate, in keeping, the dry, coolant and oil systems separated, yet the need to work in harmony with each other.
Very cool (no pun intended)

This of course for me opened the door for some questions.
What does the all important cooling system look like, when we all pretty much know there is no grille for cool air to enter like conventional cooling systems.

Then, what does the cooling package look like under here.


All wheel drive Model S showing front elevation of cooling radiators or heat exchangers


Coolant system similar to Model S.
Note the batteries are also cooled here, so this cooling system does a very big job.


Then the battery pack which forms the whole chassis of the Tesla.
And does 100% of everything.
I Guess the only thing NOT driven electrically, is the oil pump.


There are over 2000 batteries in this Telstar system, which are not so different to the Lithium Ion batteries you may charge for various tools.


Lastly the complete system as we saw in the video in place.
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