SOLD:: Mercedes 8 hole 16" replica wheels & tyres for W126 or similar

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For Sale: Set of four 16x7.5 ET23 replica 8 hole wheels to suit the W126 or similar models. Come with near new 225/55ZR16 99W tyres, less than 3 years old with only 7,000km on them.

No curbing or gutter rash.
I had them on a W126 560SEC but these rims would likely fit other Mercedes that use low offset such as the W116.
Comes with 19 lug bolts - unfortunately one was lost.
Pickup from Brookvale NSW 2100 (Australia).
Price $550

Picture with the SEC is for illustration only.

2021-11-14 00.47.57.jpg2021-11-14 00.48.04.jpg2021-11-14 00.48.09.jpg2021-11-14 00.48.12.jpg2021-11-14 00.48.15.jpg2021-05-10 11.51.23.jpg
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