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I was wondering if the rear hydraulic suspension on a w123 model was the same in principle to a w116 model. I have a problem getting the rear shocks to pump up after I replaced one of them. I have bled the system from front to back both sides and no luck. I just made an adapter for a pressure gauge to fit onto the pump it self and blew it up, "over 700kpa" then the gauge failed. Can anybody help , Cheers Damien. PH. 0414402504.


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Perth Western Australia
Either air in the system or problem with the levelling valve would jump to mind.

I assume you have "bled the pump". On a 6.9 it means removing the high pressure hose that comes from the top of the pump at the connection to the valve on the top of the tank and aiming the flow into the tank ityself until a good flow is established.



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WGB . Thanks for responding ,yes I have bled the pump on the pressure side and got some air but then lots of fluid under extreme pressure, also the nipple on the leveling valve and at each shock individually.
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