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The Godfather
Hi Bryce, I think that "something for everybody" is probably the preferred option when looking at all those photographs. There is a good reason for the old adage of "variety is the spice of life". As Patrick says, massive turn out and my appreciation to you for all your photographic efforts. Just super effort. My two favourites ? The 2 door green Buick/Oldsmobile Coupe, and the other was, I believe, a Graber Alvis Convertible. I think there was also an attractive two door Lancia. Regards Styria


The Godfather
Hi Patrick, to be perfectly honest, Coupes and Convertibles can be great to look at, but can also be completely unpractical. I have had some practical experience with both E and C Class Coupes, and those models have large front doors (for obvious reasons) that will forever foul against the panels of other cars, and it will still be an almost impossible squeeze to alight from the driver's seat. One may well park away from other cars, but chances are when returning to your precious baby, some smart person has parked themselves right alongside you. How often has that happened ? Murphy's Law.

Plus, physical condition when you have left 81 behind. Backs, knees, necks, shoulders, you name it - and don't even talk getting into the rear section of the car. No, these are real limitations. If ever I sell Gleaming Beauty, I think a Toyota Crown (grey imports) may well be my next choice. Hybrid 3.5s or a Crown Majesta or Athlete 'G' version appear to be great alternatives. Regards Styria


Grand Master
Claremont Meadows
Very very good points here Styria.
Even my wife’s mini‘s doors can be exactly like you said, and yes Murphy’s Law runs strong in my family 😂
We laugh when we take the mini out, we fall into it easy enough, but hauling one’s self back out in tight spaces is certainly an issue sometime.
That’s why the Dodge gets taken out so often, climb up and clime down with doors about 400mm wide 😍


The Prince of Arabia
Sydney, Australia
The 2 door green Buick/Oldsmobile Coupe,
Regards Styria
Thank you for a great pictorial, as usual, Bryce.
The 2 door green coupe is a Chevrolet Godfather!


The Godfather
You would have noticed that I bracketed the two names. I don't have the intimate knowledge to distinguish similar looking cars from the same manufacturer. That's assuming that Buick is also GM sourced. I have seen three or four of those similar looking cars at Eastern Creek, but they were Oldsmobiles and absolutely magnificent. Regards Styria

N.B. This is one Eastern Creek (2023) car that I had in mind. I will probably find some more in due course.


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