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Claremont Meadows
Dear all.

During my Titanic studies, I stumbled across this chap Jarrod Owen’s videos.
This one on the RMS Titanic is extremely good, so I thought I would share.

Regarding Titanic and other ships like her, these were (and still are) the largest moving (and non moving) objects made by man, and all done without computers or high tech devices.

Please check out some of his other videos, quite amazing detail and explained very simply.

I think, pure engineering at its best.
Please enjoy.

As a war historian, this video I found completely outstanding.
I now have an even more deep respect for Alan Touring.
What a tragic loss of a true genius.
Remember, he broke the Enigma machine without ever seeing one.
This thing is mind boggling. German engineering at its best.
If you haven’t watched the movie called The Imitation Game, I highly recommend it.

sean sherry

in quick sucession.

My understanding now is that the Belfast Built Ships, Titanic and her Sister Olympic both lost in quick succession was not because of the build quality. First questioned was the quality of the Steel Plates sourced from Glasgow....Then is was discovered that it was a batch of Rivets that had not been treated properly. Unfortunately these were used just below the water line Had they been used higher up the Ship would not have opened up to let the Sea in.
Harland & Wolf the Builders ....originated from Glasgow. The Lagan River, on which Belfast was built, was dredged and widened to set up the Shipyard.. In it's day if was the largest Yard in the World. The HMS Hood was re-refurbished there before being sunk by the Bismarck first time out. This time inferior Armour covering the Ammunition Hatch was to blame letting in a direct hit. The Bismarck in turn was located and badly damaged by Torpedoes from low flying twin Wing Aircraft called Swordfish. Bismarck lost her steering gear and was eventually sunk by the Royal Navy while trying to run back to Base.

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