350SE finally registered and on the road again

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Melbourne, Australia
I've been avoiding social media and forums related to Benzes for the past year or so since it just seemed to get me down about the fact that my W116 remained undriveable for so long........ but it's finally here and it's been a much longer and more expensive journey than originally anticipated and shuffled between 3 different workshops who promised various things but didn't quite deliver, 1 workshop who was upfront with saying they couldn't do the work, and finally a workshop who quoted, kept to within 15% of the quote and delivered a roadworthy W116.

My gosh it's an amazing car to drive... $1500 worth of bushings from Rockauto, and Bilstein B4 dampers and it just glides over the road and tracks dead straight at 160km/h (I temporarily forgot that the speedometer was in miles.....).

Mostly small jobs left to do. Find someone who can speak D-jetronic to cure the richness, free up the seized door mirrors and front windows, figure out why the wipers only have 1 speed, fit some new tyres to the original steel wheels and repaint the body coloured wheel covers, general clean/tidy up the interior and eventually look at reviving the airconditioning.


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