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It's not me!! I bought a set from Styria and have them safely stored ready for my next 116............;)

Might fit the Gurney Nutting ! :D BTW, do you still have it and, if so, is it shaping up well enough to your liking. Looking forward to seeing it one day. Regards Styria


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I think they would look great rechromed and fitted over nice clean headlights with good seals and reflectors

the ones the seller shows look rubbish


Nothing more distasteful about the front end of a car than faded, cracked, misty headlights


They cleaned up well, but I have not fitted them yet.
Will post a photo when I try them,


I had a pair of these on the BBB when I first took her home.

They were the first things to go!

In my opinion, they look bad and also diffuse the light coming from the headlamps at night.

On the subject of light. I recently replaced the standard Halogen H4's with new Philips Vision Plus globes:
  • Up to 50% more light on the road
  • 10-20 metre long high beams
  • Better reflection off road marks and signs
  • Headlamp lenses protected by UV-block quartz glass
  • Fully compliant with ECE R37 (ADR)
Easy installation just replace the existing globes.

Work very well and give just that extra bit of vision especially when travelling on motorways at speed when not able to use Hi-Beam due to oncoming traffic. Safety and comfort, and LEGAL!


So far, not encouraging. I am inclined to agree, and usually prefer original over a car with too many add-ons. If I anticipated much driving in rough and rocky terrain, maybe they are useful, but I doubt Wasabi will be going bush.
They were only cheap, and I am a serial parts buyer and compulsive ebay watcher, but they may stay in the shed.
If I do have time to fit them, I will post a photo anyway.


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How do the covers attach?

Imagine you have to drill holes and screw them into the bumpers?


How do the covers attach?

Imagine you have to drill holes and screw them into the bumpers?
I think so, that could be another reason not to.
I think there was some threaded posts sticking out to bolt somewhere, but I can't remember, they have been in the shed since I get them.
Not top of my priorities for Wasabi.
Drove to Sydney and back yesterday (to collect a set of alloys, yep, also bought on ebay) and it was the first time I have driven it far on a hot day, also going up the escarpment from the south coast is always a test for any car, but no, all was good, comfortable quiet drive.
I also occasionally restore antique furniture as a hobby, and have had to use it to collect a couple of things recently, so it is starting to earn it's keep as a working wagon.
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