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The aim of is to have an online community to discuss and feature the Mercedes W116 & W107.​

Please read the following rules as they affect your access to the site. The rules have been put in place to ensure that yours as well as others experience on is an enjoyable and safe one. The rules apply to all methods of communication between community members i.e. forums, private messages, e-mail etc.

1. No Spam. Spamming can be defined as either posting multiple times about the same thing or starting multiple topics about the same thing. Spamming is also defined as constantly posting off-topic as well as providing links that have nothing to do with the forum or thread at hand. Spam will be deleted without warning.​

2. No Slander. While we encourage lively debates and discussions, we will not tolerate personal attacks of any kind. Any person attacking another forum member will receive a warning and have their offensive posts removed. One more offense and the offending member will be permanently suspended from Any member that physically threatens another member on will result in an automatic suspension immediately. Treat others in your posts as you would like to be treated yourself. Insults, offensive language or anything offensive will be deleted without warning if considered unacceptable by an official Moderator or administrator. Content that is insulting to anyone based on gender, lifestyle, religion, ethic group, race etc. is unacceptable and will be deleted without warning. will not tolerate posts which defame individuals, other online "forums", businesses or car companies.​

3. No flaming. There is no place for that on these message boards. Topics that are designed to flame another member (defined as an offensive argument that serves no purpose but to make others upset.) will be treated as Spam and deleted without warning.​

4. Stay on-topic. There will be some leniency on this, and we don't mind if you bring in another comment or two, but try to stay focused. If you think it's a good enough topic, start a new thread about it. This also prevents losing a good idea amongst a thread about another topic. Threads that wander off-topic will be closed and/or trimmed or moved to its appropriate forum - however as a matter of courtesty, Admin will contact you before action is taken. Off topic threads and posts may be done in Members area and will be allowed to run their course without interference unless deemed necessary, all other sections of the site will be monitored more closely if threads are tending to stray off topic they will be closed, trimmed or both.​

5. No illegal topics. Illegal software, pornography, copyright material, or items that may offend others are not welcome and will be removed without warning. Posters of such material will be dealt with on a case by case basis; this may include warnings and/or being removed permanently from the site.​

7. No Impersonating. Attempting to pose as a administrator, moderator or any other registered user will not be tolerated and will result in the deletion of that username. This also applies to variations of registered names.​

8. We, the administrators & official Moderators, reserve the right to edit, delete, or ban any content found on this site without warning. In an effort to maintain harmony within the community you will be contacted by Admin or Moderator before this happens​

9. Signatures & Avatars. Images within your signature must not be larger than 468x60 in size. Any text within your signature must not exceed 4 lines. Avatars and signatures should not have any offending images. Anything which is considered offensive will be removed immediately from the site. The site should be able to be viewed in front of children. Please keep it this way. Signatures should not contain advertising or links to non site related products or services, doing so will have your signature removed.​

10. Right to modify rules. We reserve the right to modify these rules without warning.​

11. Image Posting. The inclusion of pictures within messages is allowed on this site. Referring to images that are copyrighted and protected by that site is not to be included on our site without the express written permission of the owner of the copyrighted image(s).​

Failure to follow these rules may result in either a warning, temporary ban or a permanent ban, based on the severity of the offense. More serious violations of these rules may result in further steps taken with your Internet Service Provider or higher authorities.​

This forum has become the central place for discussion of the Mercedes Benz W116 & W107. We ask you to respect this site and all its community members.

If you feel someone has offended you with their comments please let us know immediately at . We will endeavor to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Do not drag personal issues with individuals into the forum if you do have an issue please take it up with one of the moderators or admin before posting in the forum, any breaches of this will result in the immediate removal of your posting abilities and a review of your access to the site.​

Thank you for your co-operation.​
Topklasse Administration
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