LH Sway Bar chassis mount and levelling valve in RHD 6.9

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I would imagine in most of the 116 range the bush on the opposite side to the driver is a reasonably easy replacement but in a 6.9 a levelling valve and assorted plumbing is in the road.

One of my pet hates has always been my oil misted front levelling valve with disintegrating dust boot that greets me whenever I open the bonnet.

It has always functioned just fine and never really leaked much oil but pride is pride.


So I tried to replace the sway bar chassis bush on that side without removing the levelling valve and while the bush can be removed - replacement was not going to be easy.


The sway bar tends to move backwards towards the firewall and the car needs to be raised and lowered to allow the top and bottom halfs of the bush to be forced into place and then the holding plate needs to be forced on with a hammer handle to allow the nuts to start.

As I have a pair of new levelling valves courtesy of the Saudi Royal Garage (or so rumour goes) I thought it was time to donate one to the cause so the old valve was judiously removed with flare wrenches


Old valve next to new 126 valve with 126 ball end fitting before changing over the arms.


All the pipework and the 116 specific linkage was carefully transferred over to the new valve


and while it was out the bush was replaced in a more leasurely and less crowded manner.


A comparison betwen new and old bushes


And the end result is a much nicer underbonnet view in that area.


To enable me to raise and lower the car as well as manouevre it backwards on and off the hoist I put the central valve in the "locked" position after completing this job after pressurizing it and checking for leaks.

After I had completed the other side I was left with the car locked in a raised position and refusing to lower itself to the normal ride height when the valve was returned to it's normal position.

One option was to open a line and release the pressure but I raised the car on the hoist, started the motor and pressurised the system and then when lowered with the central valve in the normal position it settled to it's correct height (after some adjustment of the arm).



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So Bill have you had a chance to take her for a drive yet? I'd be very interested to know if you've noticed an improvement in the way she handles...

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