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The Godfather
I have had this website in my Computer favourites for close on two years. I have always enjoyed my somewhat clumsy style of dancing, but my year is good enough to transfer to my feet if the Band makes a mistake. In other words, my ear tells my feet to take that into account. Confused - don't be as it is true in my case. The dance competition itself strays some way from what I would term "Strictly correct Dancing". A lot is made of overdone and overly complex moves, but then again I guess they are professionals and need to please the Network and Sponsors.

However, BBC 1 also provides very much up to date coverage on many other facets of life and Sport, and it is all current and up to date. In other words, even though the website was saved in my system say two years ago, when you open up it's all current. In addition, presentation is colourful, and if you are sick of watching God knows how many episodes of "Friends" (and I do like that overplayed series), tune to BBC 1 and explore their various programmes. Regards Styria