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Missed you my friend. Good to see you on TK. It probably has been a number of years. Regards Styria
Hi there yes I'm still buggering around with my 6.9 haha. I mostly hang at but I dip in here at TK from time to time. Cheers!
Restoring a 1970 P5B coupe for my wife to use as a tow vehicle for her vintage caravan.


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Looks good!
Mark, thank you for your enquiry. I take it that you are the owner of the white ex. John Laws car. Please give me a call on my mobile, 0428 50 1800, Regards Michael Parker
Welcome David. Have just seen that you have joined. Invite you to take part in forum discussions and news. Regards Styria
It is with great reluctance that you are being advised that membership to is hereby withdrawn. Your attitude has left Administration with no alternative, plus you have not contributed for twelve years. Thanking you.
Hi Patrick, I haven't mentioned your name in regards to tomorrow's event at St. Ives Showground. I want you to know that it was merely an oversight as I would really love to meet you at some time. Perhaps tomorrow could be the day ? I hope you can make it, but I do appreciate the distance involved for you.
Hi mate,
I must apologise as I didn’t see this message.
This was off the bottom of my page.
That’s ok.
I didn’t think of it that way at all.
So no dramas what so ever.
I was hoping to come when it was mentioned earlier, however I have been frantically restoring furniture all week.
There will be another one we can attend for sure.

I’m glad you guys had a great morning.
This is the sort of thing I have been doing to 25 year old furniture to brighten the house up to match new brighter colours & new plantation shutters.
This is a massive coffee table which is part of a few pieces I had made 25 years ago. It weighs 60kg, and is put together only with brass screws.


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How is it going David - any impressions of the new layout. Interested in your pinion.
Hi David, it's almost twelve months since you have visited the site. We are a little worried - is there something that we have offended you with ? If so, let us know, we would be happy to try and remedy any problems that you have with us.