Front Strut Ball Joints

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Ant, you're not kidding - that is unbelievable value. I have been getting them rebuilt, and my cost far exceed the price presently quoted. Fantastic find. Same problem also applies to the bottom ball joints for the rear struts.

Another area of concern is the top mount for the front strut. Regards. Styria

motec 6.9

Prodigal Son
Will keep this in mind when mine need replacing . All good at present checked when I had car on hoist doing service. But price is excellent. :)


This is brilliant news as the ball joints have been an issue for ages! MB recommends replacement of the joints as soon as the boots have split (the boots have never been offered for sale separately anyway). From what I understand MBA say they're NLA even at their hugely inflated prices.

I'm keen to get at least 4 and give them a shot. I need rear ones as well, so I hope they're offered for sale soon.

motec 6.9

Prodigal Son
Yes I will be keen to see how they are . They look like they are nylon so will be harder than factory rubber so should wear better in the long run. I checked my ball joints when I did service and had car on hoist so I know at present my ball joints are ok. But great to see options. :D
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