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I just wonder how many owners are aware of what is involved in replacing the carpet in their 6.9, or for that matter, just about any 116 model. To provide an overview of what is involved, I am illustrating by way of pictorial information, the true extent of the work. For starters - all, or most carpet pieces.20220421_151522.jpg20220421_151514.jpg


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The Godfather
Okay, please ignore one of the photos - it's a double. However, if you think that this is a heck of a lot of photos, you're dead right, but I haven't even shown the carpet material for the the knee pad panels, not the quarter panels that are positioned near the occupants' front feet. So, there is a lot of carpet that we all should agree on. So what's required to fit all those pieces ? A lot. Firstly, both front seats, as well as the rear seat, require removal. In addition, both centre pillars, as well as seat belts (in front) ned to be removed. Also, all four plastic entry steps, and also the rear parcel shelf with the fitted rear speakers. In addition, the knee pads and quarter panels near front foot areas. Please ignore the last photo
Recreating the opening cover in line with the original is almost impossible - basically, what you see is what you get. It ain't too bad what you see - it is not Parks' workmanship and I don't really know if he could have done much better.

The base is new - a word of likely exasperation with the removal/refit of the speakers. With the rear screen in place, and even with back seat removed, getting to the self tappers that secure the rear speakers is just about impossible. Refitting, with a new base - well, good luck, unless you have the rear screen removed - which, luckily, I had carried out. Without going into real detail, the job is just about impossible unless the window is out.

The fourth photo is valid as it illustrated the operation of the first aid compartment. Regards Styria
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