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  1. Styria

    How and where to obtain service history for W116

    kdsk01 - How did you get on ? Do you still have the car and maybe you ay wish to give us an update on your purchase. Thank you for joining. Regards Styria
  2. Styria


    Hi Oversize, maybe I shouldn't ask - what do you think ? Any further progress that you could share with us. As you may perhaps have noticed, I've been quiet on TK for a while now, so please understandif perhaps I have not seen an update elsewhere on TK. Regards Styria
  3. Styria

    Rover P5 3 litre Mark III

    The property was then sold in 1998 for $800,000, and the new owners were happy enough to let me continue rental of the shed for $200.00 per week. I was lucky that they granted me the tenancy because, where was I going to take all of my cars and spare parts to ? I had well prior to that date...
  4. Styria

    Rover P5 3 litre Mark III

    All but two of the pictures of this Mark III were taken at my old workshop at Glenorie. It was a large shed and had been built by Italian Flower Farmers, but they decided to get out of business and put the property on the Rental Market. There was a double storey seven bedroom home, plus the...
  5. Styria

    Simple 6.9 test video

    Probably not a heck of a lot of interest in this video, for the simple reason it just eulogizes and rehashes videos and tests that have been conducted over many years. Nevertheless, as best as I know, it has not previously featured in the pages of TK. Regards Styria Well, would you...
  6. Styria

    Chinese in Australia

    Mercedes 23
  7. Styria

    6.9 Under Bonnet

    Well, looking at those pics.,I really think that the engine bay is pretty well spot on for a car that's 43 years old. I am referring to my Gleaming Beauty. She still looks pretty well tops even today. Mind you, David's 6.9 - no wonder it was advertised as the best in Australia - that was when...
  8. Styria


    Well Mark my boy, you've got time on your side. I used to be in your position, with time on my hands (to plan), but I wasn't aware of it at the time, nor would I have known how to best use it - and please, let me assure you, there is nothing critical in any way. I am just talking of my targets I...
  9. Styria

    Comment by 'Styria' in album 'Styria's 450SE 'Goldie''

    Some rather interesting pictures. Regards Styria
  10. Styria

    W116 Full Body Kit Spotto

    Interesting, but I am with Bryce - chrome bumpers are the way to go, and I personally much prefer the AMG reproduction spoiler that I have sold and fitted to a number of 116s. Regards Styria
  11. Styria


    Well Mark, I admire your resolve and determination with your new move. I probably get a bit confused, but is there any Mercedes models that are used as a daily driver, or one that is on Club Plates ? By the look of things, I can see two 6.9s (any progress), or have you concentrated on the full...
  12. Styria

    W220 Glove Box

    Patrick, as you know, I always admired that car. I just love the light interior, which makes such a welcome change from the everyday black or grey so prevalent nowadays. The misalignment you refer to relates to the W116s. Unfortunately, with that model, it is the timber part that has the "fake"...
  13. Styria

    Australian made 14" Bundt alloys

    It would be interesting to know who actually manufactured those. Sometimes, with Italian made Bundts the shape of the ribs is much sharper and they are also located further down towards the lips of the rim. Second hand Bundts at one stage were a dime a dozen, but many wreckers have disposed...
  14. Styria

    W126 Internal door card clips.

    Generally speaking, what I have found on W116s I have dismantled, the "unknowing" when they attempt to remove the door trim (that's what I would normally call them), they try and prise the trim of the inner skin and in the process they break at least one or two of the "top" brackets that are...
  15. Styria

    Penta wheels for the C107

    They certainly look the part and, better still, in nice condition. Excellent purchase. Regards Styria
  16. Styria

    W126 Internal door card clips.

    Well, I have never removed a door card from a Ch.126 car. Only ever 108/109 and those are totally different in the way they are attached to the inner door skin when compared with the W116 models. On the 126s, you have four square shaped types of hooks on the top section, and the door card...
  17. Styria

    The Rover P5/P5B

    I don't know if anyone is interested, but there is a great media feature on lots of Rovers on Facebook. Obviously, for someone like myself, there can be quite a lot of reading material that one could add to some of the pics. One such car in question is an Almond painted Coupe - I'll have a bit...
  18. Styria

    In depth review of the Rover P6 3500

    Spotted a very striking looking Rover 2000 on Facebook. In all seriousness, they are now starting to fetch reasonable money, plus highish asking prices, in various advertising mediums. My oldest son Richard bought a V8 engined 3500S (Manual) from an enthusiast on the North Coast in November...
  19. Styria

    Is this one of our members?

    He only just found the empty bottle. Put it on TK just to impress us. I am not buying..............Regards Styria:eek:
  20. Styria

    Red Bull (5541)

    Hi Mark, do you still have that car ? If so, any progress. Look, I have not spent a lot of time on TK for various reasons, so I am not up to date with the latest. Is there any chance of getting an update on your fleet ? Really would love to know. Regards Styria