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    New filter won’t fit??

    This is an interesting one... I knew it could be ‘fun’ cause the filter housing had traces of silicone sealant on the outside. So after removing & cleaning it all I try to put the new filter in but the cap won’t seat properly. I begin to think I’ve been given the wrong filter until I have a...
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    Removing hood pad 560SEC

    A messy job made easier with a plastic sheet over the engine. The old adhesive wasn’t that strong & I was able to remove the majority with the plastic shovel, used as a large scraper. The rest I removed with a razor blade scraper. I’ll pressure wash it now to remove any other grease & debris...
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    Interesting period phone installations

    For some weird reason I find these very cool! The rear computer setup must’ve been very advanced for the time since it doesn’t look too far removed from what we use now...
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    Wheel cleaning

    Before n afta pix. These wheels were corroded onto the hubs & it’s taken a lot of work to get to this stage! The brass wheel on the grinder is awesome! Note the aftermarket wheel bolts with radiused profiles & no plastic caps compared to genuine ones, so hopefully they won’t snap off, causing a...
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    4CYL C63/E63???

    Sounds like this is the end for the Mercedes V8??? Who the heck would even buy a 4CYL 63? I think I died a little. Should at least be a 6CYL after all the effort they put into the new one... Hang onto the old girls...
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    GM Ends ICE Production by 2035

    So that’s it then?? And I’ve just seen some people in Australian Gov are suggesting a 50% reduction in emissions by 2030. 9 years??????? So how could that even be achieved when there’s still no solution to trucks...
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    Custom Dashboard Facias

    They might be able to do others not advertised. Just ask I guess! Red speedo facia Michel??
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    Gemballa W126s

    I recently discovered this tuning company. All style without a lot of substance! Pity they didn’t tip more into driveline development. It didn’t finish well for the founder.... Very interesting story & maybe that’s why so many of our cars are referred to as ‘gangsta’?? If I had unlimited money...
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    Koenig TT SEC

    These are really growing on me now!! Far rarer than an AMG.... Maybe I’m just showing my age & stuck in the 70/80s??
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    Custom Interior

    OMG I’m loving this dash!!!!
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    New Drive-In Indoor Cinema!

    Hopefully this new idea will continue post COVID restrictions!!
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    Sbarro Twin Turbo M117

    It’s not often you find pix of the engines fitted to these cars. It’s almost like they didn’t want customers to know! The early attempts at fitting turbos to these engines were neither visually appealing, efficient, or overly powerful.
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    Sbarro eSpace GT1

    Interesting that this very rare car had a similar (if not the same) driveline as the CW311. Pity we can’t see much of the intake. 7.4L 450hp, originally a 6.3 M100.
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    Differences between a 450SEL & 6.9

    Some things you may not have known at the intro of the range in Australia.
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    HPF 500SEL at Grays Auctions

    Unfortunately I missed out on this one as it ventured out of my price limit... Seems someone else knew exactly what it was and a bidding war followed for a brief period. As a first time bidder the Grays process seems to favour the seller with auction finish time extended if bidding continues...
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    Special Tools

    Search this site & you may find what you need.... I haven’t tried them yet but a mate recommended them.
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    LPG 6.9 for sale on Grays

    I saw this one back in 2002 (ish) at a car dealer showroom at 1 Neerim Grove, Hughesdale, VIC. I didn’t have the money to buy it (and a few alarm bells were ringing), so I had to keep looking. From memory it was around $10k...
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    Performance Cams

    Give these guys a try and they can make cams to suit your requirements. A mate has used them for his hillclimb 450SE.
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    6.9 Engine Mods by MKB

    Erhard Melcher was one of the founding members of A(M)G and the engineering brains behind the brand, who then went out on his own way back in 1970. Melcher founded MKB which then conducted much of the R&D for AMG and many other tuners. They actually developed the Hammer (DOHC 4V) M117 and...
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    New Leather & Carpet Supplies

    Worthy of some investigation: