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    1975 450SEL for sale $1000

    I have a RED 1975 450SEL for sale $1000 up until last weekend this was being driven on a fortnightly basis . On the weekend my daughter managed to hit a very high speed bump and apparently partially dislodge oil filter and progressively lose all of the oil . Not realising what the problem was ...
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    Petrol smell in cabin of 450SEL 4.5 L

    Hi folks I have a persistent issue of petrol smell in cabin of one of my 450SELs and less frequent petrol smell issue in the other one Either way it is a problem that I need some advice on how I can eliminate it Smell is mainly front passenger side and a bit noticeable from drivers seat Any...
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    1975 450SEL for Sale in Sydney

    Hi Folks I have just listed my other 450SEL for sale on Gumtree Changes to the on street parking permit limit and too many blocks of apartments in my area with no parking means one of my beasts...
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    450SEL Hood Pad replacement

    Hi I have just bought another 450SEL . I need to get a hood pad fitted Car doesn't have one at moment Can anyone recommend somewhere that I can get this done. In Sydney Metro region . Ideally including supply of the hood pad and fitting . Any idea of approx cost would be appreciated. I could...
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    450SEL suspension and injector parts

    Hi it has been a while since I last posted . Now driving a 1975 450SEL Looking to sort out my creaking rattling suspension Here is the list of parts that my mechanic gave me today Front Bottom Control Arm Bushes Rear Stabilizer Arm (bushes) Rear Both Control Arm Bushes L + R Front Top Control...
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    Engine Gearbox transplant on 450sEL

    I have the opportunity of transplanting the engine and gearbox out of a 1977 450SEL into my 1975 SEL . The 77 model was picked up for parts by my regular mechanic interior reasonable , exterior (paint) is terrible clear nearly all gone leaving faded mid green paint. Surprise was it runs really...
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    450 SEL injector service cost ?.

    In my search for a solution to a few issues with my 1975 450SEL Cutting out on full steering lock at low revs Cutting out under heavy braking Spluttering under acceleration up steep hills It has been suggested to me that an injector service may help Any suggestions as to what this costs ...
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    Cutting out on full steering lock Also when heavy braking

    I need some advice on a problem i am having with my 1975 450 SEL It constantly cuts out when I am on full steering lock eg when doing a 3 point turn . Or when trying to get out of a tight parking space. Also more disturbingly it cuts out under heavy braking. Very stressful if this happens when...
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    450 SEL aircon fan improvements needed

    Anyone have any solution to the lack of power on 450SEL air con fan Even wih the fan on max i can barely feel it . Whereas on my wife's Ford falcon or my daughters mitsubishi magna you get a nice strong airflow that can even be felt by rear seat passengers . Any ideas , solutions ?
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    Shuddering , surging on startup

    I have a problem on startup of my recently acquired 1975 450SEL , rough idle and surging for 3 or 4 minutes until the car warms up a little. Also surging on coast , again only for first 5 minutes or so from startup. Any ideas ? Forgot to add , I am currently trying some Wynns Injector cleaner in...
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    450SEL front end rattle

    I have a 1979 450SEL which has developed an anoying rattle/knock from the front end more noticeable on bumpy roads. The car drives ok and seems to track well. Shock absorbers seem fine . I am the 4th owner of the car , I bought the car about 5 months ago (my 4th 450SEL over the years). Previous...