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  1. Styria

    6.9 strut overhaul - take 2

    Geoff, it is certainly a thread of real interest to all 6.9 owners, irrespective of location. Basically I am encouraging Oversize, or anyone else for that matter, to further add to Bill's post. One aspect of his post relates to the top strut mount - just about impossible to copy or come up...
  2. Styria

    Goldeneye (5694)

    It would be beyond my financial and personal capabilities - maybe if I was thirty years younger. Good luck with the project Mark. BTW, is this car now another, or additional 6.9, that you are planning to restore, use for parts etc. etc. Regards Styria
  3. Styria

    6.9 strut overhaul - take 2

    There is still time for you to join the action. Regards Styria
  4. Styria

    Wheels Canberra/Queanbeyan

    You would have noticed that I bracketed the two names. I don't have the intimate knowledge to distinguish similar looking cars from the same manufacturer. That's assuming that Buick is also GM sourced. I have seen three or four of those similar looking cars at Eastern Creek, but they were...
  5. Styria


    Hi Michel, strange that you should be asking me for this. I did have a meaningful conversation with George after he completed his job. I have to admit that I did not pick him to be from that country, but thought more of him as being European. He spoke differently, he looked German or Italian...
  6. Styria

    Wheels Canberra/Queanbeyan

    Hi Patrick, to be perfectly honest, Coupes and Convertibles can be great to look at, but can also be completely unpractical. I have had some practical experience with both E and C Class Coupes, and those models have large front doors (for obvious reasons) that will forever foul against the...
  7. Styria


    It is certainly worth the effort to safekeep his contact details. I was just so pleasantly surprised..........Apart from being relieved to actually be able to drive the car home. I had visions of having to leave the car overnight, come back next day and do what ? I simply could not think of...
  8. Styria


    It was Friday, about ten or eleven days ago, and I was feeling pretty smug having been to the Coolabah Hotel where an attractive female offered to pay for my main meal. I am not sure what prompted her action, as I was nicely dressed, did not have a half starved appearance and, of course, those...
  9. Styria

    Splendid service by Mobile Auto Electrician.

    I recently got stuck with an Ignition Lock that simply could not be serviced, nor could the car be started. Looking up Mobile Auto Electricians and Mechanic, it was just about impossible to find ANYONE willing to attend. There were a couple of guys very nice in their response, but I may have...
  10. Styria

    ROVER 3500 Automatic

    I was recently involved with a 1976 Rover 3500, mainly relating to some trim work and some assessment of one or two mechanical (fuel) issues that an acquaintance who had bought the car recently from a Used Car Dealer located at Granville. I am bringing up this matter more on the basis of car...
  11. Styria

    Wheels Canberra/Queanbeyan

    Hi Bryce, I think that "something for everybody" is probably the preferred option when looking at all those photographs. There is a good reason for the old adage of "variety is the spice of life". As Patrick says, massive turn out and my appreciation to you for all your photographic...
  12. Styria

    This Week's Test-Drive - Genesis GV70 EV

    I am not all that familiar with prices of new cars, but I would hazard a guess that the Germans would easily better the $100K. mark with many of their offerings. Mind you, unless I am mistaken, Michel's Hyundai (Palisade ?) comfortably pushes to $90K. or more - at those prices, they fall...
  13. Styria

    EV or Not EV?

    Patrick, it's great and much appreciated to read of your truthful and informative opinions. Not always that easy to come by. Regards Styria N.B. One could also use the word "Unbiassed"
  14. Styria

    Red Bull (5541)

    Hi Mark, difficult to say if new bolts (e.g. head bolts) are actually available from Mercedes. I would imagine, however, if they are they are likely to cost an arm and a leg. I have carried out two Valve Grind and De-coke jobs now just on at least ten years ago, and I can report that, to all...
  15. Styria

    C111 Epic Soundtrack M117 TT

    Sounds great, but looks terrible. It looks all cobbled up. Regards Styria
  16. Styria

    EV or Not EV?

    Mark, on your time and financial recovery calculations, at my age it is a no-brainer. Don't buy, especially when you consider: a. Petrol and Diesels are becoming very frugal on a litres per kilometre calculation, especially when considering Hybrids. That configuration would probably be my...
  17. Styria

    Car of the week

    Beautiful and regal car to look at - it's only early days, be interesting what it will fetch in the end. However, not an easy car to work on and maintain. Regards Styria
  18. Styria

    Dora 2

    Mark, I take it that these pics are the latest of Dora2 and, I presume, a (any) 6.9 as the second car in what appears to be a shipping container. First question - how did you get into the car, and second question, how did you get out ? I am sure that there must have been some method, but I am...
  19. Styria

    This Week's Test-Drive - Genesis GV70 EV

    We have prided ourselves in keeping an open mind to all matters not only pertaining to cars, but also to your own personal, foibles, tribulations, belief and happiness. So Daka my boy, go for it - you can even talk about the Dakar (Daka sic.) Rallye. Unfortunately, my favourite manufacturers of...
  20. Styria


    Mark, you have done well, and all that remains is now for you to tell us what your projects are now. I seem to remember that a "couple of 126s" were your final projects, but maybe you can fill us in, or me in particular, what your future plans are. Kudos to you on all the work you have done...