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    Volvo-based "Crayford"

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    A Newer 6.9

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    Manual 280 with "Extras"

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    Non-Crayford Crayford

    It's a good thing for my finances that this isn't in Australia. BaT
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    Brake Caliper Rebuild

    Hi all, Been quiet for a while at my end - I only just managed the Christmas oil changes, and late as usual. The Green 450 showed a leaking front left brake caliper the other week, so that forced me into action on the MB front. I was quoted ~$500 to rebuild both fronts if the pistons were OK...
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    Armoured w126

    Flickr via Wow.
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    w116es Everywhere!

    Hi all, Got some rare spare time, so wasting it on gumtree. There are a LOT of w116es out there! Red 450 - swap for just about anything! Sliver on red 450SEL - $2k - seems decent 280SEL black limo - $20k! 280SE - eucalypt green - $16k (dreaming dealer) 280SE - beige - $3k8 280SEL - black...
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    Front Suspension Valve Parts

    Hi all, Ended up getting these bits form MBSpares - $15 and $16 for the parts as arcijack described. The different between them is one has a left hand thread, the other a right. Some pics: Old and new - the new housings are one nut longer than the old, so you need to move the stopper nuts in...
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    Front Suspension Valve Parts

    Hi all, Does anyone have part numbers and a source for the bushing (red arrow) and boot (yellow arrow) for the front suspension valuve: They don't appear to be on Autohaus. I was going for a drive this morning, and the car became very bouncy. The bushing had disintegrated allowing the arm...
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    Wanted: 14-pin plug from Wiring Harness (w116)

    Hi all, You can tell I'm doing car stuff - posts everywhere. Anyway: I'm installing an immobiliser in the green beast, and am wanting to do it without butchering the car's wiring harness. To do this, I want to fabricate an intermediate wiring loom that goes between the main harness and the...
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    Clock Replacement

    Hi all, Hope everyone is having a good break. I've finally got some time off, so am trying to sort some issues in the green 450, which brings me to.....the clock. It is the full clock version (no mini-clock inside the tacho), and it is broken. The motor is spinning away dilligently, but one of...
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    6.9 on BaT

    Low mileage US car: BaT
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    Rusty Crayford

    Bring a Trailer:
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    Chopped 450SEL

    Hi all, Took these at a fire training centre about a month ago now, but of course only just got around to getting the images off the phone. Looks pretty good as a pillarless 4-door don't you think? I also discovered where that mystery vacuum hose that vanishes into the LHS A-pillar goes. Lukas
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    300SE Review

    This seems timely:
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    The Green Machine

    Picked this one up at auction for just over $1k - I really should know better. After an additional $2k worth of suspension and brake work and $800 rego renewal, I now have a nice, roadworthy, ~130,000km runabout.....worth $1.5k max. :( The paint looks good from a distance, fair few scrapes and...
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    Dismantling a 450SE

    Last lot: pulled the rocker covers off to take a peek inside: Covers off Not good - all the cams on the RHS of the engine (standing at front of car) were not attached, and were just floating around. How does that even happen? Also not good (note the kink) Still not good - not much...
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    Dismantling a 450SE

    HVAC out More bits taken off the front of the engine Water pump goers here Bad: difficult to see, but something (in the engine) bent the spark plug pin against the point and sideways - wasn't me:) HVAC goes here SLS Empty Empty w/ ceiling
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    Dismantling a 450SE

    This is finally done, and the car gone! Progress pics: Parts! More parts! Work underway Zzzzz Even more parts! Getting there Attention to detail - each plug can be disassembled to get the wires through small openings or connect different looms together. Each wire has a yellow band...