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  1. 260ebenz


    Hello just interested to know if any TK Members have used any of the Bowden's car care products if so what is your opinion of the products? Cheers.
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    Concourse preparation & detailing videos

    Brilliant videos if you ask me and thanks to Mat & Vince for making the videos! Enjoy! Mats Detailing and Ceramic Coating Hints - YouTube Mats Detailing and Ceramic Coating Hints Part 2 - YouTube Mats Detailing and Ceramic Coating Hints Part 3 - YouTube Mats Detailing and Ceramic Coating...
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    300SEL article

    Great article about a 300SEL W126 the car in fact looks to be the same colour as my old 300SE hope you enjoy the article?
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    What's in the box?

    Hello guys, New hubcaps for the C220 quite lucky to source two of the hubcaps overnight from Mercedes in Melbourne. My local Mercedes did say that it could take four to six weeks for the two other hubcaps to arrive of course due to COVID-19. Lots of shiny new Mercedes in the dealership...
  5. 260ebenz

    Mothers ceramic coating

    Hello how are TK Members going? See what you guys think of the C220 after applying the ceramic coating? Have any other TK Members ever used the same product before any positive or negative feedback you may feel free to offer? Stay safe and best wishes to you all.
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    Scuff plate

    Hello TK Members how are you guys? I would appreciate any advice in regards to the scuff plate in the C220 judging from the photos could the scuff plate be repaired? Cheers guys.
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    Mercedes CD stacker

    The CD stacker which is located in the boot of the C220 will not play CD’s there is a flashing ‘E’, displayed on the radio screen. I can only imagine the ‘E’, is for an error message would I be right in saying? Can you please tell me how can the error message be repaired and then I can listen...
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    I can see clearly now!

    Front windscreen replaced today by Novus Autoglass major improvement see what you think? Also fitted a new Bosch Euro style wiper blade. I always clean all of the glass with Rain X glass cleaner and water repellent.
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    Mercedes Enthusiast

    The April 2019 issue looks to be a cracker must be the feature article about the W202 C-Class.
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    MBCCC All German Day

    Good morning, Yesterday’s AGD was the eleventh anniversary. The Newcastle Foreshore is a superb venue that is not a biased opinion either! :D Hope you enjoy the photos.
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    Classic Mercedes

    Hello see what you think of this collection of Mercedes? Do I note an Impala Brown SEC featured towards the end of the site?
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    1955 300B Pininfarina

    Hello see what you think of this Mercedes?
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    450SEL 6.9 will it start?

    See what you think of this video? It has been twelve years since the 6.9 was last started!
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    Great day at the Euro Motorefest. Well done to the Hunter MG Car Club organising today’s car show great job! Hope you are impressed blown away, dazzled and amazed by the photos if not well that’s just fine?! 😀 Cheers.
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    Here is the MBCCC March Newsletter. Note the article about the W126.
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    Welcome V8 Supercars

    As a proud Novocastrian born & bred it is terrific to have the V8 Supercars. Watching the race on TV has been wonderful that track does look a cracker others may agree or disagree? In due course I will post info in regards to a car show here in Newcastle scheduled to take place in early 2018...
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    Quite an achievement!

    Just thought I would share this.
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    Score sheet

    Received my Concours score sheet. If I could ask Stryria, Helmet or someone I know here on the Forum a favour if I email you the score sheet could you please post the score sheet? Once the score sheet is posted see what you think of the scores? Cheers.
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    Have any of our Forum Members ever used the Chemtech car products if so are they any good?
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    2017 German autofest

    Video from this years autofest in Melbourne. The 300SL Gullwing does look impressive?!